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Default How to Join The Org

I have had several people tell me they had difficulty finding the information on how to gain full membership to the site. Since this is the forum where people tend to look first I thought a little direction marker placed here might be helpful.

Just click on this link How to Join BDSM Tasks which is located in the Introductions Forum to read the full details.

When you register with the site once you click on the link you receive automatically by email to confirm your registration, you become a Registered User. Because we have such a problem with content spammers, the bane of forums like this, we are unable to extend posting privileges to Registered Users any longer. You must complete the membership process by sending us a brief introduction and a completed questionnaire for the role you choose to fill, Performer or Taskmaster. Once we receive and review your information you will then be moved to full membership and will gain wider access to our site.

Important: Again due to the content spammer problem, it is challenging to track legitimate registrations for an extended period of time so you must submit your introduction and the appropriate questionnaire within 5 days of registering with our site or it is likely your account will be deleted along with the latest batch of Spam Robot registrations. That unfortunately will require you to start all over again if you are interested in gaining membership. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

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